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Our online courses makes the  perfect gift for those stuck at home during the holidays with their canine companion.

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Noel Pepin has a proven track record in both personal and professional training for dogs of all ages. More About Noel >

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Whether you are training IPO or Personal Dogs the techniques you'll learn benefit you and your dog.

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Our high quality videos include essential techniques and strategies built from the ground up and neatly packaged for online participation.

Our Most Popular Courses

Make your puppy’s first day at school a wonderful experience! NPC’s online dog training program allows your puppy to receive their first obedience lessons in the comfort of your own home. Noel Pepin Canine is pleased to provide an organized and sequential curriculum to help you and your puppy learn together.


Level 1 Obedience

Noel Pepin's Puppy Beginner courses guide puppy lovers through a series of dog training lessons in a calm and informative tone.


Level 1 Tracking

Take the first step down the tracking path by joining Noel to learn the fundamentals of tracking.

Real Training, Real Trainees.

One of the great features of this program is the use of puppies and owners who are actually filmed learning the puppy obedience skills. In the seven separate lessons, you will see puppies making mistakes, and owners learning how to help their puppies to improve. You will see puppies learning to sit, to down, to stand, to come, and to heel. You will see these puppies grow in their understanding and performance, as Noel guides their owners with strategies and suggestions.

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What Our Students Are Saying

Tenille W.

"Thank you Noel! I was nervous about bringing my high energy pup, but he put me at ease immediatley and taught me invaluable skills for training Koda! We just completed 4 sessions of puppy beginner classes. Noel is excellent at observing and giving tips individually in a group setting when needed 🙂 I highly recommend his classes!"

Savita J.

"Amazing trainer. Great, friendly approach with the people and the dogs. He teaches you how to work with your dog, which allows you to build that relationship with your dog, as opposed to having you depend on him to train your dog. Personable, great sense of humor, and great at not only demonstrating training approaches, but teaching you why the approach works. Wouldn't go anywhere else!"

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