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Beginners Tracking: Level 1, Lesson 1


Beginners Tracking: Level 1, Lesson 2


Beginners Tracking: Level 1, Lesson 3


Beginners Tracking: Level 1, Lesson 4


Beginners Tracking: Level 1, Lesson 5


Beginners Tracking: Level 1, Lesson 6


Beginners Tracking: Level 1, Lesson 7

Make your dog’s first day at School a wonderful experience! NPC’s online program allows your dog to receive their first tracking lessons in the comfort of your own home. Noel Pepin Canine is pleased to provide an organized and sequential curriculum to help you and your canine learn together.

Tracking refers to a dogs ability to detect, recognize and follow a specific scent. By using their heightened scents of smells and abilities, dogs are able to detect, track and locate the source of certain odors. Although history shows that tracking was once considered a predatory technique of dogs in the wild, it has now become widely used by humans, often for recreational and professional (i.e. search and rescue) purposes.

To this end, Noel loves tracking with his dogs and so will you. Noel believes that humans share the same planet with these wonderful creatures, but they experience the landscape differently. In a “dogs world” everything is like a fog of scents to them. If we watch them track, we can get a glimpse of their world — our world from a different point of smell.

Like the obedience component, one of the great features of this tracking program is the “real-life” dogs and owners who have agreed to be filmed learning tracking skills. In the seven separate lessons, you will see dogs making mistakes, and other owners learning how to rectify these issues.

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