Level 1 Obedience (3 Months)


Make your puppy’s first day at school a wonderful experience! NPC’s on-line program allows your puppy to receive their first obedience lessons in the comfort of your own home. Noel Pepin Canine is pleased to provide an organized and sequential curriculum to help you and your puppy learn together.

One of the great features of this program is the use of puppies and owners who are actually filmed learning the puppy obedience skills. In the seven separate lessons, you will see puppies making mistakes, and owners learn how to help their puppies fix them. You will see puppies learning to sit, to down, to stand, to come, and to heel. You will see these puppies grow in their understanding and performance, as Noel guides their owners with strategies and suggestions.

Throughout the duration of our Obedience Level 1 Course, you will learn all the essential steps to create an obedient, everlasting relationship between you and your canine friend.

Each lesson is designed to support your own puppy training at home.  In addition to the video presentation, NPC provides bulleted notations of important points, a glossary of terms and definitions and a listing of key ‘ Take Aways’ for each lesson.

Looking to attend in-person classes with Noel?  Visit the Noel Pepin Canine Main Website to register for classes!